Preparing for the Creation

I am busily (and a little nervously) working on my first teaching assignment for Sharing time next month in Primary (the LDS Church's children's organization). The topic is The Creation and things are thus far coming along quite nicely. In my search for resources I came across a gorgeous YouTube video and, while I'm not going to use the clip when I teach (in the end I chose to stick with a few pictures and the scriptures), it is just so beautiful and so must be shared with lucky you ;)


The One on Resolutions

It's not to late to be talking resolutions, is it? I really, truly had intended on being on top of my posts but then life got in the way (which I suppose is really a positive) and I have become a complete blogging slacker. I've got the day off, though, so in between sleeping until that blessed hour of 8, catching up on a few Church responsibilities, cleaning my bathroom and my room and possibly my stove, and reading (something that has been sorely lacking from my life of late), I though I would catch up on blogging (mine and yours).

As I mentioned, I really had intended to be on top of blogging and on top of resolutions this month/year (lets just pretend last year's resolutions didn't exist--except for the one about learning to sew a skirt!). In fact, I spent much of December considering what kinds of resolutions to have, how many, and then mapping it all out. And for the most part, though I haven't told anyone about them, I am already making some good progress! What I have decided on is 6 goals that I will be working on throughout the year and then 1 goal I will be working on each month (And thanks to everyone who has been publishing your resolutions. You have been an inspiration to me and my goals). Here is what I am working on/going to be working on:

Year-long Goals:

1. Read 12 Nonfiction books (at least 6 of them published in 2011)

2. Read all the books on my to-read list that date from 2008 to 2010 (about 70 books)

3. Read the New Testament (I am already 13 chapters in so this on is going quite well)

4. Attend the Temple two times a month (which means I will be attending this week and next week or twice next week--must to better)

5. Go someplace new (I had this goal last year and went to Toelle for about an hour and counted it. Not this year! This year I will go someplace new for real)

6. Write 12 thank you cards

January Goal:

Improve my posture (which is a terrible goal as there is no real measurement that I can do to say I have completed the goal but as I have the world's worst posture, something simply had to be done) by reading up on improving my posture (check), practising good posture throughout the day (small check--sometimes I forget but lots of times I remember), telling others to smack me upside the head when I am displaying poor posture (this is what I am doing now--feel free to smack away). Here is what I have learned about me and posture: crossing my legs is evil and is likely to induce slouching, it is possible to sit at a desk for long periods of time with good posture if you sit in the chair in the way it was intended to be sat in, driving with good posture is extremely difficult--the posture bit not the driving bit.

So here is to a new year and a new set of things I am going to do!


Umm No, I Didn't Fall Off the Face of the Earth

I'd just like to interrupt this long silence to say that I am planning on blogging--just not today. Until I do blog (I have to get my resolutions out there), I'd like to attempt to entertain you with a few funny clips (because while I have been rushed off my feet at work and scared out of my pants at the thought of my new calling--1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency), I have had time to find a few things mildly entertaining: