Last night

at the end of a 4 1/2 hour City Council Meeting

(that I sat through)

our City Council


(after 4 years of discussion)

voted to approve

the Center for Story and Art!!!

(a 500 or so seat auditorium to host library events)

Now we move into the fundraising and design phase--you know, just in case you know someone with a million dollars just hanging around!


They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There

I was looking for a movie to rent over the weekend when I hit upon the fantastic idea of renting The Scarlet Pimpernel (we are reading this book for book group this month). Sadly the good versions (i.e. the versions with Jane Seymour or Leslie Howard) were all checked out. However, I did notice a version I had never heard of before done by A&E and thought to myself maybe "I'll give that at try--after all it was A&E that gave me Horatio Hornblower." Sadly, this version of The Scarlet Pimpernel was no Horatio Hornblower. I made it through all of 30 minutes before I just couldn't stand it any longer. Fortunately, my good mother owns a copy of the Jane Seymour version so I have nearly driven the horrible images from the A&E version from my mind. Of course this all does leave me with a bit of a problem: I am having a difficult time differentiating between the various movies and the book. At this point I could probably do a better job commenting on the movies than I could on the book--which is not too bad of an idea as this may be the only book in existence that far prefer the movie to the book. And really, can you blame me when the movie gives me about two hours of anthony Andrews?

I did quite valiantly look for a picture of Anthony Andrews (you know, to liven up this post) to insert here but none of them quite do him justice so you'll just need to get your fix by watching the movie. Sorry, but I imagine you'll live--or at least die quite happy.


Pumpkin Patch

I went up the canyon to breath some Fall air and look at some Fall colors (sadly sans camera) which got me thinking about my Fall to-do list which then got me thinking about what I have done and how that could be a post which would be great because I am short on posts lately. So here it is, our short trip to a pumpkin patch that included a hay ride, a pumpkin patch, and cold apple cider (sadly they were out of the donuts):

The hay ride (it took some time for the boys to get used to the idea):

Picking out the right pumpkin: 

Posing in front of the tractor that pulled our hay wagon: 

I Love Fall!


I Am Lame

I've been meaning to blog. I had a blog post all ready to go. All I needed to do was download some pics off my camera. I was too lazy to do that--even though it only takes like 30 seconds. But now I am back:

So, if you will kindly recall, way back at the beginning of the month I spoke briefly about learning how to sew a fab skirt--right? remember that? I don't know if the fantastic Fall air has kicked me into something of a nesting mode, but I have nearly entirely become a crafty person. I am scared! Here are a few of my most recent projects:

A lovely knitted scarf:

Two whole pillows that I sewed entirely by myself: 

One of those head wrap thingys that were so popular last year:

And to top it all off, I have a skirt pattern (with a zipper) that I am going to be attempting very soon. I always used to say that my sisters took all the creative/crafty genes but perhaps I am just a late bloomer--this, however, does not mean that I am going to start quilting. I'm leaving that skill to my mom and my sisters.


Read a Banned Book

I really didn't intend on my Wednesday post of last week being my last post of the week. However, hacking up a lung put a serious damper on my blogging interest. Had I blogged again last week, I would have blogged something about Banned Books Week. It is over now, but I think any week of the year is a great week to read a banned book. You can find information on banned books week and a list of banned books here.

I think I'll read: The Lord of the Rings (cause it has been about 5 years since I last read this series--entirely too long) or Winnie the Pooh.