Very Bad

I've been a very bad blogger of late. To remedy this problem I resolve (cause lately I'm pretty good when I set a resolution) to:

1. Charge the battery in my camera (in the hopes that if I had a camera with a charged battery I might take pictures. and if I took pictures I might blog.).

2. Um, blog (even on a regular basis).


3. Leave you with this:

I know it is not much, but doesn't it just make you throw a fabulous party?

I love balloons!

image here


Happy List

10 Things that have made me happy today:

1. Snow in the morning but sun in the afternoon

2. Lemon curd cupcakes

3. Large mugs of hot chocolate

4. Red Lips

5. A perfectly clean and decluttered bedroom

6. Classical music

7. Smelly lotion

8. A good book

9. Homemade rolls

10. It's Friday

Happy Weekend!!!


Turn Away if You Must

Warning: The following picture may disgust you!

Chocolate Covered Peeps!

The months of March and April just got a little bit better.



Speaking Assignment

This is where I am heading (so far) for my talk in Sacrament Meeting:

Any other ideas/thoughts welcomed.



I am procrastinating right now and really don't have time to procrastinate but how exactly does a procrastinator stop procrastinating?

On Sunday I get to:

1. Speak in Sacrament Meeting.

2. Teach in Young Womens (is there an "s" or not? or maybe an apostrophe)

It is Tuesday and I haven't really looked at either of those assignments.

Instead I have:

1. Rearranged the furniture in my bedroom.

2. Read books and magazines (of course).

3. Watched "Reality" TV (on TLC and HGTV which I think is maybe not nearly so bad as say "The Bachelor" which I have never watched).

4. And now spent too much time here.


Afternoon Naps

The best part of being sick is taking a nap in the afternoon.

Too bad I'm well again.

Back to real posting tomorrow.


I'm sick

My nephew has RSV and has passed it on to me (only I don't get to call it RSV all I have apparently is a cold). However before crawling back into bed with some peanut butter (it is national peanut butter day) I thought I would just take a brief moment to say how very disappointed I am in Canada: No Barenaked Ladies (yes, they did break up but now they are back together). Plus I really didn't much care for Buble's performance.

However, most of my "anger" is directed at NBC for being so desperate to force yet another "reality" show on us that they cut off the closing ceremonies. Apparently Avril Levigne and Nickleback did perform--maybe even BNL--but NBC didn't cover it until later that night and didn't tell me about that later coverage (admittedly I was switching back and forth between PBS and the coverage so I might have missed a mention--still I say boo to you NBC).

What they did show of the closing ceremonies, though, felt a bit like an elementary school presentation (do you remember the Thanksgiving play from Stepmom?) that not even the parents are particularly interested in. They warned us up front that it was going to be campy, but still I tuned in looking for a party.

Sorry--I get cranky when I'm sick. Overall I thought that Canada did a really wonderful job with the Olympics and that Canadians are really wonderful.

Now I'm off to recover.