I am procrastinating right now and really don't have time to procrastinate but how exactly does a procrastinator stop procrastinating?

On Sunday I get to:

1. Speak in Sacrament Meeting.

2. Teach in Young Womens (is there an "s" or not? or maybe an apostrophe)

It is Tuesday and I haven't really looked at either of those assignments.

Instead I have:

1. Rearranged the furniture in my bedroom.

2. Read books and magazines (of course).

3. Watched "Reality" TV (on TLC and HGTV which I think is maybe not nearly so bad as say "The Bachelor" which I have never watched).

4. And now spent too much time here.

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ellen said...

I'm speaking on Sunday too...and am not ready. But the topic is R.S. and I'm going to share personal stories about what "Relief Society is" so I'm not too worried.