Very Bad

I've been a very bad blogger of late. To remedy this problem I resolve (cause lately I'm pretty good when I set a resolution) to:

1. Charge the battery in my camera (in the hopes that if I had a camera with a charged battery I might take pictures. and if I took pictures I might blog.).

2. Um, blog (even on a regular basis).


3. Leave you with this:

I know it is not much, but doesn't it just make you throw a fabulous party?

I love balloons!

image here


Jen said...

That is a very lovely image! I've been a bad blogger too. It comes in spurts for me. You'd think that getting my blog books would motivate me to be consistent. I've read a couple more on your book list and have loved each one. I might even need another list before the year is out!
Oh, and I hate balloons. But it's probably because I have kids.

N.F. said...

I don't like balloons either but that pic. is AWESOME!