New Attitude

I woke up this morning (several times thanks to a nasty head cold) with a renewed sense of blogging and a determination to blog something, if not of importance, of interest today. Then I looked outside, saw the snow and the grey and the wind, and promptly turned around in an attempt to ignore the day.

I mean, is it April or not? This is one cruel April Fool's Day trick Mother Nature is playing on me right now (fortunately the only trick so far today).

However, I promised a post and a post you shall have.

Yesterday I attended my local book group and had a perfectly lovely discussion with some perfectly lovely women about a book that I liked but didn't love. As part of the evening, our lovely hostess offered to lend out her copy of this lovely book:

I read it in 15 minutes and found it uplifting, enlightening, and lovely--one of its main themes being live in and enjoy the moment. As an added bonus, about half of the 50 pages are the loveliest black and white pictures that you could want to peruse in 15 minutes. So get yourself to your local library or book shop (but beware that should you read this book in a place you could purchase you might leave your local shop with about $10 less than you came in with) and spend a few minutes reading this little gem of a book.


MBC said...

I was just thinking, when you posted the other day about blogging more regularly, that I miss hearing about what you're reading, so YAY for this post.

Jenny said...