Drawers and a Book

So these two topics don't really naturally go together, but (I feel like I say this a lot lately) I'm short on time so today they are getting bunched.

First off, my newly organized drawers (that I am excessively proud of):

I especially love that I can now see everything in my drawers at a glance.

And second, that really good book I was reading:

The is book three in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series and while I really enjoyed the first two books, I really, really, really loved this one.

Now for my short (and not very good synopsis): It is a epic fantasy that has all the typical clashes between good and evil with all the new and different species that so many fantasy books revolve around (not that I am at all saying that this is bad). What sets this series apart, though, is that the good guys win in book one. So then book two is basically a look at what happens after the good guys win or what happens after "happily ever after." By book three, of course, everyone fully realizes that maybe they didn't quite defeat evil in the first book and that leads up to one final showdown. (you'll be able to find a more descriptive summary at Amazon or pretty much anywhere else)

So what I loved:

1. The look at what happens after the good guys win.

2. The romance--cause there has to be a romance.

3. I love that Sanderson so thoroughly thought the entire series out. You are given little kernels of information in books 1 and 2 that you don't even think really apply to the story only to find out in book 3 that they were really important. And there are so many twists and turns that were really quite fun to discover and be surprised by.

4. For the LDS reader (Sanderson is LDS) there is so much LDS theology, imagery, and history in these books (especially in book 3) that it will just boggle your mind. I've been finished for days and am still seeing new connections. (I also think there might be a slight Star Wars connection that I am dying to ask someone else about so read it and get back to me).


Jenny said...

What I love:
your pretty drawers!

Jen said...

Those are some beautiful drawers. You have a good color selection. And a new book to add to the list. Thank you!