I'm staying at home...

cause that is what you do on National Stay at Home Week (it's like National Turn Off the TV week only the opposite). My stay at home week officially starts tonight (I had thought about watching Biggest Loser last night to get some inspiration but I just can't/won't do 2 hours of "reality" tv) with the season premier of CSI:NY--which just for the record I'd like to say I do realize it is maybe not the best written show on tv but that's ok cause I'm watching it for the man candy anyway. Tonight (if you didn't catch the season finale) we get to find out if the CSI:NY team can save Mac (Gary Sinise)--of course the season commercial showing Mac in other episodes this year kind of gives away that the team does actually save him--again not watching it for the carefully crafted writing.

As to who has robbed the bank and kidnapped him I'm going on record saying that it is the IRA (or former IRA). You may be thinking that since living in Northern Ireland I may just be a little predisposed to suspecting the IRA of bad stuff and you would be correct. But beyond that I think it would make sense as part of the storyline. Here is my thinking: in a fairly recent episode Mac and his crew bankrupt the former IRA in New York so they need money. The bank robbery was supiciously like a recent IRA robbery in Belfast.

Okay, so maybe not the strongest reasons for suspecting the IRA and it probaby won't be the IRA since the season finale of Numbers (also a CBS show) involved gun-running former IRA men--it is highly unlikely that CBS is targeting the IRA as the new "it" terrorism group.

Anyway, regardless of how it turns out I'm glad my men are back on tv. The Office (yes, I've finally gotten on board after watching some episodes on TBS although now that I'm typing this I realize that I don't actually know when it airs so I must look that up) and Numbers. I'm also interested by the new show Kath and Kim--looks like it just might be really funny.

So there you have it. If you need me I can be reached at home...only don't call during CSI:NY, The Office, or Numbers or we will just have to stop being friends.


MBC said...

So excited for The Office! And Chuck!

p.s. I just finished reading Son of the Shadows on your recommendation and really liked it.

Natalie said...

The Office airs on Thursday night-I think at 8. It is one of our all time favorite shows. I wish I would have known it was Stay at Home week-that is something I am actually good at! ps-I will email you about getting together-last week slipped away from me-sorry :(

Jen said...

Oh, I'm so excited for the Office! I thought about watching Numbers, but never got around to it. I guess it's good? I've been sucked into another season of Project Runway. Have you ever seen that? I guess it's not so much the fashion that I like as it is the drama and the fact that they can make something from scratch without patterns that I couldn't do if they gave me a month! Well....happy Stay at Home Week!

Natalie said...

I tagged you! from... Natalie L. :)

Yankee Girl said...

MBC--glad you like Son of the Shadows.

Natalie--don't worry

Jen--I've seen bits of Project Runway but nothing lately. I do like Numbers. It is smart but not as gory as its counterparts.

Natalie--I'll check on that tag thanks for the notice.