This little beauty walked into my kitchen over the weekend and I think I'm in love.

Now I can finally make all those fabulous soups that everyone keeps telling me about--starting with this Black-Bean Soup provided by Janssen.


Janssen said...

I am now once again plunged into the depths of despair over my non-awesome immersion blender.

MBC said...

My immersion blender is my best friend. Except when it occasionally splashes me with scalding hot liquid.

Jenny said...

It's on my wish list.
I'm the messy-pour-the-hot-liquid-and-chunks-that-splash-into-the-blender chef. Makes me not want to make yummy soups very often.

Jen said...

I love my immersion blender! It does get a lot more use in the fall and winter though! I made this soup Sunday and loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe!