Fall is my absolute favorite time to go shopping for clothes. It is my favorite season and coincidentally it has the cutest clothes. Before I tumbled down my stairs I was getting out and about a bit and have these awards to give:

Worst Dressing Rooms: Target

I love Target (if you could count the number of receipts in my wallet from Target you would understand) but their dressing rooms are miserable places that make me took fat and hideous.

New favorite skirt:

Haven't actually worn it yet but I'm super in love with its flowy softness.

Latest "must have" as spotted on Pinterest:

Forget everything above but the coat (actually no need to forget everything as it is all pretty nice). That coat is to die for.

Latest obsession that I haven't let myself indulge in (yet): boots

New Favorite Store: Express

There is one very simple reason for my new love of this store: I wear a size 4 in their jeans. They sure do know how to make a girl happy.


goddessdivine said...

That jacket is way cute. I think you should get it.

If that's the Maxi skirt from Express, I have TWO of them. Love them. Not only are they fashionable, but they are so comfy! I've been a long time Express fan. But I'm a little put out that you fit into a 4 jeans. I'm a 6 there, in all things below the waist. And when I do try the 4, it just doesn't work.

Jenny said...

The sneakers are CUTE!