Black October

So in a moment of bored brillance I decided to dye my hair. In the past I have always gone lighter than my natural color so this time I thought I would try darker. By darker I was thinking a nice dark brown--something that would go well with all the nice fall colors and my dark sweaters. What I got was black. And what I mean by black is BLACK. It was so black that it was nearly blue. After I got over the initial shock of it (and washed it about 20 times so that it faded into a less shocking black) I started to like it. Then when I started heading out in public again I received enough compliments on how well it suited me that I really started embrassing it. I still have to avoid a certain bathroom lighting scheme that continues to send uncomfortable shock waves through me and I haven't quite brought myself to wear a light color next my dark hair for fear the BLACK would pop back out, but on the plus side I have been told it is sexy (by a student I work with---soooo entirely inappropriate). Also, it perhaps suits my mood a little since the Yankees are out of the race for the World Series yet again.


Denise Hollinger said...

Yea, your blogging again!!!! I bet your hair looks so good! Good for you for doing something new and different. I am giving up and coloring my hair...too much upkeep! I think we will be in town for Thanksgiving Nov. 20-26th. We hope to be there a few more days but we have to see how business is doing. I want to get there pics taken at Kiddie Kandits and Tess has asked to go to chuckie cheeses! Feel free to plan whatever! Talk to ya soon.

Denise Hollinger said...

I will be in town on the 20th but it might be late afternoon. We are hoping to leave the 19th and stay the night in Boise. If everything goes as planned we will be in town on the 20th around 2PM. We are planning on leaving Utah Monday the 26th early in the morning.

Tess would LOVE to do a museum! She gets so excited about art right now :) Lexi is easy, you can bring her to the park or backyard for a swing session and she would be happy! The 21st sounds good. That is Janel's B-day! I doubt she will care though! Tess usually only naps if she has a very busy and active day, and then she would nap around 2PM. She is flexible and can go without a nap even if it is needed.

Thanks for the play date blog, it is so cool! I totally plan on making the piggy soup!!! My picture will not make anyone want to make it or eat it, but I will post it!

We need a picture of you and your black hair!!!!

Denise Hollinger said...

Oh, and just to beat you on how many comments you have left...I will make the picture appointment. Janel says you can do it online now!! I am going to get the Holiday/Christmas picture's in when I am in town. Thank you though.

Denise Hollinger said...

You look REALLY good!!!!! You still look like yourself and it fits with the season so well :) I love it and think that you made the right choice. I still like your hair light brown with blonde highlights...but I am lovin the change! Now you have a summer and a winter color! You are so high maintenance!!:)

We should do a girl's night when I am in town. We should start talking dates now, so that it actually happens! I can not wait until Thanksgiving!

Yankee Girl said...
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