It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Okay, so technically it isn't looking a whole lot like Christmas right now, but it was on Sunday and that has completely put me in the mood for Christmas and all things Christmas. That has meant that in a completely unprecedented act I have begun...wait for it...to Christmas shop! Yes, I have now officially purchased 2 entire Christmas gifts. Normally I run frantically through stores the week of Christmas silently cursing anyone who is walking too slow or standing in line in front of me. This, obviously, does not help get me in the spirit of Christmas and sometimes knocks any spirit I may have previously gained right out of me. This year, with any luck, will be different. Having successfully completed my Christmas shopping (maybe even before Thanksgiving), I can avoid the malls and all their gaudy decorations and Chipmunks Christmas carols. Instead, I can focus on all the lovely aspects of Christmas such as family, the music, the Christmas performances, and (gasp) the birth of Christ. Now for those of you who are thinking it is a bit premature to have a Christmas post (I do realize that we haven't even celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving), this will be my last Christmas post until after Thanksgiving--that is unless I do actually finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving in which case you will all be forced to celebrate with me.

Hmmmm, are you wondering if you're going to be the lucky gift recipient?

Merry Christmas


Denise Hollinger said...

It is very early for a Christmas post! I have allready started my Christmas shopping as well, so I will give you a break :) I have you for Christmas...any suggestions?

Nemesis said...

Woman! Is this you blogging again? How exciting!

Yankee Girl said...

Denise--I'll think on it

Nemisis--How did you find me. I was waiting until I had been blogging for a full week--just to make sure I was really going to do--this before telling you. You are kind of intimidating since you are practically perfect in every blogging way. Can't believe I missed Saturday. I guess I need to check my email more often.

Nemesis said...

I found you because I supersneaky :-) Actually it was because someone clicked over to me from your site, so when I saw an unfamiliar blog address on my sitemeter I checked it out and couldn't believe what I saw.

But I understand if you want to keep this under wraps for a bit. And hi, you SO should not be intimidated by me. I never would have started if it weren't for you!

Yankee Girl said...

Nem--So what you're saying is that I'm like your very own fairy blogmother? I'm gonna go ahead and come out as a blogger cause I am having a bit of fun with it.