Home Sweet Home

I'm back. I really did have really good intentions to do some more posts while on my little vacay but the view was too nice and we were occasionally too busy to bother with trying to get online. So that means that you get to hear all about my trip to Boston now--sorry but it will probably be for the rest of the week.

First of all can I just say that I had been looking forward to this trip for so long that it hardly seems possible that I am now back. And Second, coming back from a trip to a distant local is a weird thing. I woke up one morning with gorgeous humid weather (I love humidity it is the oppressive dry heat of Utah that I can't stand) with a gorgeous view, great architecture, history, culture, fabulous food, and lots to do and then went to bed in a dry hot place with just a bit less to do. It is very odd. But I am back now and I am trying to be determined at enjoying all the stuff Utah has to offer me--trying very hard.

Let me just kick start the vacation recap with a look back at my reading list which you can take a look at a few posts down. I don't know how I managed it but all three books touch on mental illness. Nevertheless, they all made very good beach reads (I'm still finishing up Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict--it doesn't appear that this one is going to end up using mental illness as a theme like the other two did). The one possible drawback is that with two Jane Austen type books read in such close proximity I have found strange words slipping into my vocabulary such odious (that's my favorite) or it doesn't displease me. It possibly didn't help that I also watched a good bit of Pride & Prejudice while in Boston (the Kiera Knightly one--it is obviously not as good as the Colin Firth one but I quite enjoy it for what it is and besides I first saw it while I was in the UK which means that I never got to see the kiss at the end because the British apparently are not hopeless romantics that need movies to end in a kiss and so they made a British version and an American version. Why is it that Americans need the happily-ever-after kiss?). Sadly for my vocabulary I am about to re-read Pride & Prejudice because next month my book club is reading a book called D'Arcy's Daughters (or something) and I thought it would be a good intro to re-read P&P. Sorry if that slips too much into my posts.

Anyway, like I said above the books all made excellent beach reads--plus I occasionally was a brilliant, cultured woman with my New York Times which was also very good.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Tell me what you think about Darcy's Daughters. There are a few P & P take offs I've wanted to try, but I've heard some of them are actually quite trashy. Americans don't just want a happily ever after kiss, we want a steamy sex scene too.

Jen said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had fun! The beach sounds so good about now. I just wish I was around so that I could hear all the interesting phrases slip out in normal conversation. And I need the happy ending in movies because we all know what real life is and if it doesn't happen in the movies, where does it happen?

Natalie said...

Courtney I found you!!!!
Of course, I don't really think you were lost, I knew you were around town but I am too lazy to pick up the phone:( I was so excited to see your blog and read about all of the fun things you are doing. PLEASE get in touch with me. I would love to chat through emails and/or in person. I have started a blog (it had it's one week old birthday on Sunday) so feel free to read it.

Natalie (Downey:) Jackson

Kimberly said...

I am glad you had a wonderful time.

I never understood your love for the humidity. :) You need to come visit me in Alabama. We have humidity galore. We hope to have our house done by November. But of course it isn't humid then. Come visit next summer. Since I have lived here for 8 years now, I now know better places to visit. We would have a grand time!

Yankee Girl said...

STM--steamy sex scene eh? You need to come to my book club where the little old ladies make me blush.

Natalie--I'm so glad you found me.

Kimberly--I really do want to come visit you.