Note To Self On Grinding My Own Wheat:

It is so not worth it and should only be considered again if

A. am starving (strongly consider starving)


B. have located a grain mill that was manufactured in current century.

I think finding a better grain mill is key here. Any suggestions?


Jenny said...

I'm laughing...
what were you using, a mortar and pestle?!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Must be electric.

And you must see "Darwin's Darkest Hour." It is the first NOVA movie. It premiered last week on PBS and will probably be watchable through their website.

Natalie said...

ha ha ha. Courtney, you crack me up. I miss you! Can we play again sometime soon?

Janssen said...

I have this one: http://www.harvestessentials.com/kteckitmil.html

It's loud, but fast. It's expensive, but my mom bought it for me :)

Amanda said...

I have the Blendtec K-Tec Kitchen Mill grinder too. Our ward a few years ago did some kind of big group order and got a big discount on them. It's nice. Loud but it works well. It's just a pain to clean.

The last time I ground some wheat I invited other ladies from church over to grind wheat. They brought their own wheat and we only had one grinder to clean when we were done. It was nice weather so we did it outside so there was less mess to clean up when we were finished. I always make the biggest mess trying to clean up the mess!

Yankee Girl said...


STM--I'm watching it in bits and have requested my local library purchase it. Love the Brits!

Natalie--Yes, please!

Janssen--in the very little research I have done I like the one you have--dang expensive though.

Amanda--love the idea of doing this with a group!

Jen--I really would like that recipe book--wheat and greet sounds like it would be so much fun.