Wheat...It's Not Just For Bread

Although I've been making some pretty nice bread (I'm going to try Science Teacher Mommy's this weekend (with any luck) with wheat that I am planning to grind myself--very pioneer woman of me, right?) I have recently discovered that wheat flour is not just for bread. I know that you are thinking that you already knew that so just pat yourself on the back and let me enjoy my little moment in peace. Really, I did realize that wheat flour is good in stuff like pancakes (trying a recipe for this tomorrow) but did you know it is good in chocolate chip cookies? Skeptical? So was I until I made them and then ate at least a dozen all by myself. I would put a picture up here except they didn't really look very pretty--flat as a pancake would be the appropriate description--but I am working on some revisions to plump them up a bit so maybe soon. In the meantime I'm not feeling at all bad for eating a dozen chocolate chip cookies because right on the bag of whole wheat flour it said the flour was good for my heart and with heart disease being such a problem for women this days I was clearly only acting in a manner that is entirely healthy--don't be bursting my bubble.

p.s. I read over 1,000 pages over last weekend, and while I'm not entirely caught up I feel pretty comfortable about where I am.


N.F. said...

Yum..............cookies! Makes me hungrier!


Jenny said...

True! Wheat is great in SO many things... if your cookies are flat, they need a bit more flour. Try adding a 1/4 cup and see if they plump up a bit.

Happy bread making--I think I'll bake some, too.

Janssen said...

Ooh, I'm going to try it in cookies next time. What a great idea!

Jen said...

We just had a wheat and greet party in our ward and tasted all sorts of things made with wheat flour. I was really surprised at some of the delicious things. I have a little cookbook that I'll try to remember to bring to the next family gathering.
BTW- I read the Hunger Games and Catching Fire and loved both of them. I wish I had more time. You are such a reader and I always know I can count on your recommendations. I also am almost done with The Hidden Christ- same author as the Peacegiver. Very, very good.