Happy Monday!

I hope that you all had lovely weekends. I did.

It started off with my niece Grace and I heading out to the Museum of Art down at BYU. We had intended on hitting UVU's art gallery in the mall but they close at 6pm on Friday and that didn't work for us. The BYU museum was a wonderful treat for me. It has been several years since I have been there and so it really surprised how good their collection actually is. Currently they have a couple of interesting exhibits including one titled The American Dream (I think that is right and am too lazy too look it up right now) that is set up like a thesis exploring different themes by exploring what American artists paint and one titled The Dismantling Geneva Steel which is surprisingly very pretty. After the museum we hit 7 Eleven so that I could introduce my niece to the joys of a slurpee on a hot summer's eve. She appreciated it appropriately.

Saturday I headed off to the Farmer's Market in Provo which was smaller than I had hoped for but not a total loss. I picked up some very cheap corn and 1 pound of cherries. Go me for supporting local growers--made sure to find out before buying where the fruit was coming from.

Other things I did on Saturday:

--finished reading
Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern (which I had only even started on Friday)

Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier. I'm only on chapter two but already I can tell I'm gonna love it (if you haven't noticed, my reading list has been totally turned upside down with books like Rosie Dunne and Daughter of the Forest jumping ahead of books like The Road--but eventually I am determined to get back on top of my reading)

Candles on Bay Street--supper cheesy Hallmark Hall of Fame movie--say what you will but I love Hallmark movies and really all cheesy movies that make me cry. It is a weakness but I'm ok with it so don't try to change me.

--in watching Candles on Bay Street I discovered (really rediscovered because I also so him in Band of Brothers and CSI:NY) Eoin Bailey

He could be a contender for my favorite 5 guys in all the world.

Sunday came on a bit too fast. I volunteered to take Grace for the day to giver her parents a bit of a break and see if she would do better in my nursery class than in her own. I crawled out of bed and ran down to pick her up (they have 9 am church) and bring her back where we enjoyed a few books and a cartoon show on Disney before heading outside to enjoy some running through the sprinklers naked--obviously she was the naked one while I was fully clothed. Then I ran in and showered and attempted to get ready for church while Grammy played in the water a bit with Grace. Lunchtime came up on me pretty fast so I whipped us up a quick grilled cheese sandwiches, some kiwi (of course) and bananas, and milk. While Grace was finishing off her lunch I pulled her hair into the cutest little pig tails and then attempted to iron my skirt, but she was feeling a little down without her mama so I didn't get to finish that. Then it was off to Church where she promptly fell asleep for an hour until nursery. It all went really well but let's just recap it a little:

--I didn't have a chance to put make up on or do my hair.
--I didn't get the chance to check my legs for shaving cuts or missed patches until I was running out the door and even then didn't want to do a thorough search because of the rush shaving job I had done in the shower
--I wore a wrinkled skirt and a shirt that had a hole in it.
--I forgot to grab the diaper bag and had to run home to get it (I only live a block and a half from the church so no need to cry too much for me).
--and I didn't get the chance to clean up from lunch until right before dinner.

Really ladies, I don't know how you do it all the time. Next time I'm waking up early to get ready before I pick Grace up.

I finished Sunday off with the family watching episode 1 of HBO's John Adams series. It was really good and I am looking forward to the rest of the series--getting to see John Adams' during the trial of the soldier's involved in the Boston Massacre was really interesting and so well done. Plus, Laura Linney is playing Abigail Adams and I love both of them so I am pleased.

Well, there it is. My weekend in a flash. It was really nice but a bit busy--hence the lazy Monday syndrome I am experiencing. Hope yours was nice as well.

(I can't believe I didn't take any pictures! I must do better)


Denise said...

How fun! I am bummed you did not take pictures of your second time skinny dipping! Well, naked at least! Your Sunday sounds like my Sunday's. I am always bugged that the kids show up looking so cute and I look like I just rolled out of bed :) O-well, I still love being a mom. I bet Jillian appreciated the break.

Natalie said...

Sounds like your weekend was a busy one! I especially love your Sunday tales. My Sundays are always like that. Try three kids, one husband (one might think he could get himself ready but he always needs a little prodding) and myself. On top of that, I am Primary President-so there is usually primary duties to take care of. Sometimes I am lucky to make it to church with my hair and teeth brushed! Sunday=day of rest my foot!!! But, I agree with Denise, I also still love being a mom! But I am also grateful for wonderful relatives and helpers that can give me a break and let me be Natalie again sometimes. You seem like a great aunt!

Yankee Girl said...

Natalie--really, I don't know how you do it. I bow to your supremecy.

Jillian said...

That WAS such a nice break. Thank you again!