Olympic Countdown

Are you getting excited about the Olympics? Well I am. I even nearly cried a little at that VISA commercial where the runner falls down hurt but gets back up and finishes the race with the help of his dad (ok, so the tears may have been brought on more from some monthly hormones I'm dealing with than my love for the Olympics, but still you get the point). This year I have two little nieces living close that I am training up to love the Olympics.

Training Session #1 and #2 with Ellie: We watched the U.S. gymnastic trials and the U.S. Track and Field trials.
Result: Ellie now runs around the house saying "set" and "go" after which she takes off in a full run throwing a few hurdle jumps in for fun and then finishes off with a somersault (to the untrained eye the jumps and the somersault may be unidentifiable).

Training Session #3 with Ellie: We watched the U.S. Swimming trials.

Result: Ellie practises the backstroke on Grammy's carpet.

As you can see, training is coming along quite nicely with Ellie. Sadly, Grace hasn't made it to any training sessions yet--if she doesn't make one soon she may just be off the team because cheering for the Olympics is serious stuff people.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

How cute is that. We've been a bit inundated with Olympics stuff lately, seeing as how we live in Tracktown, USA. It was cool that little old Eugene made international news last week when Tyson Gay shattered that record* in the 100 meters.

*wind assisted

Natalie said...

That commercial made me cry too! I even stop when fast forwarding through my recorded shows so I can see it again and again. It is pretty pathetic to record something so you can apend less time watching tv and then spend the extra time watching the commercials-oh well, it is just time-right?

Jen said...

I love it that you are sharing your love with Ellie! She really is adorable and you're such a good aunt! I love the Olympics too and can't wait. And I haven't seen that commercial yet, although I'm sure I'd get teary as I've been known to cry at Pampers commercials. (I'm definitely blaming that one on hormones!)

Jillian said...

I didn't even realize there was training going on! Poor Grace. We will have to do better.

Denise said...

That is so fun! I am excited about the Olympics, although I am not training by kids. I am so behind.