Man Candy: Wednesday

I spent the most delicious evening last night with John Thornton (aka Richard Armitage) and (brace yourselves) I have decided that John Thornton trumps Mr. Darcy and day of the week. Scandalous, right? If you haven't seen North and South (the British one) please, please, please do so.


Nemesis said...

Le sigh . . . John Thornton. Isn't he just wonderful?

Michelle said...

Ooh, yes. I think that closing scene is the most perfect, the most satisfying of any movie I have ever seen.

janabananagirl said...


My favorite thing to do is watch his facial expressions in the train scene. He hardly ever looks away from her. *sigh*

Jenny said...

How have I been starving for so long??!!

Yankee Girl said...

My favorite scene is when she is just leaving from saying goodbye to Mr. Thornton and his family and he is standing watching her drive off begging her to turn and look back at him.


The ending, of course, if very good as well.