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I'm back from the festival. (If you've never attended the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City Utah you really must. The plays they put on are every bit as professional as any other play I have attended--and that's a lot stretching from SLC to New York to London.) With great love I must confess that I don't think that this year was one of the festival's stronger years. That said everything I saw was solidly performed--there just wasn't the buzz that usually comes along with the plays and actors at the festival. I saw Comedy of Errors (which I wish I'd skipped--too much slap stick-comedy for me--in favor of Foxfire), As You Like It, and Private Lives. Private Lives was my favorite but I'm biased toward the wit and pace of Noel Coward.

While there we found a new place for lunch (not that the Pastry Pub will ever be surpassed but just that sometimes you need a change of scenery after a couple of meals at the same place) called
The Grind. The menu isn't really very big but the specialty drinks more than make up for that.

Of course we also visited the
Pastry Pub which I am happy to report has recovered nicely from the fire that occurred earlier this summer.

One more report on the food: the tarts at the festival are bigger!!!

Now on a more serious note, I was stalked all throughout the festival by one David Ivers (far left in the photo above). I went to the Pastry Pub for lunch and he walks in and gets in line behind me. I go to the gas station and he pulls up to the pump next to me. I go to a play and he casually walks out on stage. Okay, so that last bit of stalking probably wasn't really stalking. I'm thinking of returning the favor by returning to the festival this fall to see The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged which he is directing--with some special Utah Shakespearean Festival twists.

All in all, it was as fantastic trip and I can't believe that I now have to return to real life.


Janssen said...

Oh, David Ivers. How I love you.

Kirk C. said...

Wow, he looks exactly like Hugh Laurie in that picture.

One day I'll have to make a trip down there. Everyone that I talk to loves it.