In Need of a Little BBC

Well, so much for thinking I was on a new track for being a good blogger with lots of posts each week. I was on a bit of a run last week thanks in part to the World Cup (did you notice how I got every pick right for the matches over the weekend? I beat out every single ESPN analyst! That just proves what taking a purely scientific approach to soccer can do for your gambling habits--not that I did gamble, of course) and thought I would continue on with that--sort of. You see, I've been spending so much time with my World Cup that I have begun to notice that other things are falling by the wayside (or nearly so). My reading is down dramatically, my non-sports-watching TV is down to nothing (not really such a bad thing, though), and my laundry is sadly piled up on my bedroom floor. And that is not all! My watching of BBC-produced shows has fallen off completely--as was pointed out in an email from a dear friend who enclosed the following to remind me of all the things I am missing:

I particularly liked that bit about Americans liking the British accent--which is totally true and is actually where I place the blame for my BBC neglect. You see, the World Cup has this British analyst who has this British accent that I quite fancy:

I haven't the slightest idea at what point I decided a Liverpudlian accent is cute (or even understandable), but I am completely sold and it has caused me to completely lose track of my BBC priorities. Something that I intend to remedy with a little Dr. Who (the new one with the new doctor who I think is just brilliant):


Science Teacher Mommy said...

We watched The Full Monty last week on TV.

Yankee Girl said...

This is exactly the kind of thing I've been missing out on--not that I'm at all upset about the hours of quality soccer time I'm getting in, though.

Your Host said...

The BBC America advert was fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.