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Earlier this week (can you believe how much blogging I have done this week?) I titled a post One final Word about the US World Cup exit. I hope that the title of that post didn't cause you to believe that there would be no more World Cup posts because if so, you were quite happily wrong.

Those of you who are fairly regular readers will have perhaps picked up on the fact that I love my sports. I love the Yankees, the Olympics, BYU sports, and soccer. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do think I can claim to be reasonably well versed in many a sport topic. As such, I thought it might be helpful to some of the less sports-minded individuals if I were to divulge my very scientific approach to picking winners. Let's take the World Cup games being played this weekend.

The Picks (and how I got there):

Netherlands vs. Brazil

There are two basic ways to look at this. First, the Netherlands are the underdogs and I will almost always support the underdog. Second, and really far more important, the best pancakes I have ever eaten were in Amsterdam. Therefore, Netherlands beats Brazil.

Uruguay vs. Ghana

I have not yet officially recognized this game (this would have been Uruguay vs. USA had we advanced) and so I cannot comment on a projected outcome.

Argentina vs. Germany

Now this is a tough one. On the one hand Germany did cause WWII. But, Argentina has harbored of Nazis and Nazi collaborators. Argentina, I hear, has good beef and leather projects, but I am cutting out nearly all red meat from my diet. Argentina, according to some recent press, is a disrespectful team with disrespectful fans. However, those press reports are coming from the Germans. I could go with Germany simply because they are the underdogs, but the reason I am going to pick them is because I'd rather visit Germany than Argentina.

Paraguay vs. Spain

I am going to completely buck the underdog trend I normally follow and pick Spain in this one (and not even just because I would rather visit Spain than Paraguay). I am picking Spain because Torres cut his hair and went brunette and I feel that it is very important to support good fashion decisions:


Well I hope that was useful to some of you.

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Jen said...

I like your way of thinking, especially in picking who has the best food! Now you're making me crave pancakes!