Booktalks Round 3--Sort Of

You can find my booktalks on the previous 8 Beehive nominees that I have read here and here. I have 4 more books to go and while I had meant to read them and finish up my booktalks last week, a little thing called the World Cup got in the way. And while the World Cup is still in the way, I thought I would give you booktalks on 2 of that 4--sort of. During Round 2 I admitted to not loving a couple of the books but being committed to booktalking all 12 books. Now, however, I have changed my mind and this is what you are going to get from me:
The Devil's Paintbox by Victoria McKernan

A gritty tale about Aiden and Maddy, orphaned on the prairie, who join a wagon train west for a chance at a new life that I did not like at all.
The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Kyra, a 14 year old member of a polygamist sect, is chosen to marry one of the elders who just happens to be her 60 year old uncle. Her refusal puts her life and the lives of those she loves and trusts in danger. I didn't love this book because the topic is just not one that I would choose to read for myself, however it is hands down the most suspenseful book I have ever read (and the more I think about it the more I do really like it and think I maybe ought to be doing a real booktalk on it). My heart was lodged in my throat for nearly the entire book--which just might be another reason I didn't love it as thriller books aren't often my thing. Note: There is some violence that makes this a book for mature teens.

Final installment coming next week (hopefully).

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Jen said...

I simply can not believe how much you read. It's so great for me because you can sift out what's good and worth my time and not. And polygamy is not a topic I'd pick to read on either.