I couldn't be more angry, disgusted, gutted at a referee than I am right now (I'm talking World Cup here). And after I did everything I could for my side: changed shirts at halftime (sorry Boston but your apparel is a jinx for my sports teams right now), continuously chanted "come on guys" (I've found they respond well to that chant when I use it while watching them on TV), and standing nearly throughout the entire match. And after they did everything they could and fairly won that match. Grrrrrr!!!!

In an attempt to mollify my feelings I am off to visit the libraries of Utah. Some people do LDS Temple tours (where they attempt to visit a number of Temple in a specified period of time or in a geographical area) but I do library tours. Actually my sisters are doing something call a quilt shop hop for which they get prizes for visiting different quilt shops throughout Northern Utah and I am tagging along to drop off Timpanogos Storytelling Festival brochures at some of the libraries (I am now an official festival board member and I have lots and lots of brochures if anyone wants one). If anything will help me feel better this will because, as I discovered yesterday, we have some lovely libraries in this State (an England v. Algeria draw would also do much to improve my feelings).

Have a lovely weekend.


Marie said...

So I was also watching but I was on the phone at the same time and I saw that third goal and got all excited and then the score didn't change and I figured it was a replay of a previous goal or something - did I mention I was watching on telemundo? So I found out later that it WAS a goal and was not allowed or something. I don't get it. But the England - Algeria game was a 0-0 draw so I feel better, not all the way better, but better. Especially after the crappy game last night that I stayed up way to late watching.

Jenny said...

I'm laughing at the image of you standing through the match (while in your living room)

Great enthusiasm!

Yankee Girl said...

Marie--watching on telemundo must have been interesting. The England shocker did make me feel much better, though.