Mr. Vaughn was Lovely

That just about sums it up. It was a wonderful program and Brian Vaughn was charming and insightful and just really as wonderful as you hope that he is. The other two men speaking that night were also wonderful but their names escape me because, well, Brian Vaughn was the real draw--something they were very gracious about. And now thanks to all of these guys I can't wait to see Pride and Prejudice on the stage this summer (oh, and for any single ladies out there, the Festival is auctioning off a date with Mr. Darcy (who I hear is quite the catch) should you be interested--my mom has offered to make a bid on my behalf but the entire thing sounds too embarrassing and thankfully I do not come from a wealthy family. Funny that should they be able to convince Brian and his wife to let him out on a date with another women it might just be the only time the Mr. Collins was far more popular than Mr. Darcy).

Anyway, there were two areas where Mr. Vaughn did disappoint. He refused to do his British accent (entirely understandable) and he refused to give any details on next year's line up (it is the 50th anniversary and he is very excited about it but still wouldn't spill any details) which is he privy to because he and David Ivers are the Festival's new Artistic Directors (did you know that? I am absolutely head over heels about it).

Alright, there are far to many dashes, parentheses, and other grammatical errors that I am claiming ignorance on so I think I shall wrap this up with one more comment:



Jenny said...

Go USA!!
(and yay for Mr. Vaughn)

MBC said...

Oh, I'm jealous. Wish I could have been at the library for this event and wish I could go to Cedar City for this year's season.