My Friend Landon

I got an email from my friend Landon Donovan the other day thanking me for my "amazing" support during the World Cup--something that comes as quite a relief after all my worries that I had caused their last loss with my skirt-wearing bad luck. Beyond this, the gist of the email was to ask for my personal support and help in bringing the World Cup back to the US in 2018 or 2022. Well, when Landon Donovan asks for my personal support, he gets my personal support. So if you wouldn't mind lending a bit of your own personal support to the cause, please sign the online petition at the link shown below:!)

Do it and, just maybe, you too will receive a very personal email from my friend Landon.

(note: I do actually realize that Landon Donovan is not my personal friend and that he did not personally send me the above referenced email. I do however fully support the cause! And Landon Donovan.)

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