So I have been having some fairly odd and just a little bit freaky dreams of late.  For example, in one recent dream I was sent down into the basement of my parents house (which was unfinished about 5 times the actual size) to use a toilet set up in the middle of the basement without any walls around it. It was all dark and creepy but I wasn't really bothered by that. As I was finishing up, my cousin (who bares no resemblance to any actual cousin of mine) came down to check to see if I was okay. I went back up stairs to find my mother freaked out because she apparently knew that there was some weird guy stalking me and that he was in the basement. Rather than do anything about we decided to go out to dinner (of course) and while out to dinner I decided that I needed to check my closets before going to bed. Well, after dinner I forgot that I was going to check my closets and just went to bed. At some point in the night I woke up and remembered that I was going to check my closets so I got up and checked them only to find that a whole bunch of my personal belongings had been stolen. I woke my family up and this time we decided to go down into the basement to find my stalker. We did this and found him clinging to the ceiling in a corner much like a spider. Then we were suddenly outside on a mountainside and my stalker who now resembled something of a gorilla was carrying a blond girl in a white nightgown. Then suddenly he jumped off the side of the mountain with the girl and fell hundreds of feet into a river. Then I woke up.

Now the thing that was really freaky about this particular dream was how scared I felt throughout the entire dream (as in really, really, sick-to-my-stomach scared).

Next dream: I am out driving around with my four-year-old niece when I realize that I need to have permission from her pre-school to have her during the day. So I drive over to her pre-school (which isn't in reality her pre-school) and find that the front of the building has been taken over by pygmy goats who begin to ram into my legs (it hurt enough in my dream that I was somewhat surprised that I didn't wake up with bruises). I left my niece outside with the goats (naturally) while I went inside to explain to the school that I had my niece but need their permission to keep her with me the rest of the day. They (naturally) decided that they would do an eye test to see if I was really her aunt and had permission to be with my niece. Then I woke up.

Last night's dream: I dreamed that I was blogging and put a video clip of Jimmer Fredette up on my blog. Then I woke up.

And as I have nothing else to really blog about I thought I might go ahead and make this last dream come true and hope the others never do:

Video found at www.jimmer32.com/


janel said...

Hahaha great dream! So funny!

Jenny said...

I love dream land.
And I love leaving it behind and just relishing in the fact that it is NOT.REAL.
(whew! I was scared for you too, and it wasn't even my dream!)