It Was So Sweet While It Lasted

I didn't blog last week because I was caught up in the build up of BYU basketball and figured you didn't want to be reading about this particular obsession and then I didn't blog because they lost and I was practically in mourning--although, with the exception of that horrible statement, "if only..." that continues to run through my mind, I really was pretty much recovered by Saturday night. Then this week I just haven't had/haven't made the time to sit and blog--very sad for me because I also haven't had the chance to read my favorite blogs.

I'm back now and, while you still may not want to read about my BYU obsession, I just can't completely move on without at least one more Jimmer post to say this season was just so much fun and to apologize for the few times I did cringe when you shot it from way out there--lesson learned, you can shoot it from there. So thanks Jimmer and best of luck to you (and Emery too).

And to all the haters that are jumping all over themselves of late, have you nothing better to do than to make personal attacks against a fine young man, with a great work ethic, who has been a whole lot of fun to watch, and never made any personal statements of grandeur? Here's hoping that some day in the near future you find yourselves Jimmered.

And now on to baseball (Yankees) and soccer (Real Salt Lake).

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