I am an absolute sucker for a good wedding so of course I was well prepared to watch this one--or at least well prepared to watch a replay of this one (4 AM is just a wee bit too early for me). And I must say it did not disappoint in the least.

Kate was beautiful:

Pippa nearly stole the show (in a very classy understated way). I imagine we will be seeing wedding trends mirroring both Kate's and Pippa's dresses:

Beatrice (on the right) somehow NEARLY made this work:

Sadly Eugenie (on the left) was also a bit off.

Of course there were a few more rather sad mistakes such as this tent from Victoria Beckham who apparently thought she was attending a funeral in October rather than a Royal Wedding in the Spring (I'm told it was actually navy blue but it sure didn't come across like that on TV):

And Harry's on-again (?) girlfriend Chelsy Davy who somehow just looks a bit trampy (and with all the amazing hats in the world to choose from, why on earth did she pick that one):

All in all, I'd call it lots of fun and a smashing success.


Jenny said...

that disastrous pink hat was SO distracting!!! WHY in the world did they seat her behind the queen?!?

We loved EVERY.minute.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I'm with Jenny about the hat, but the pink dress itself was lovely. And Kate's dress was entirely amazing.

Jen said...

I just saw highlights, but it was pretty spectacular. Kate's dress was so beautiful. Loved all the hats.