5 Quirks

I was tagged months and months and months ago and never did get around to it (so sorry). In fact it has been so long that I'm not entirely sure of the rules of the tag and I have such a raging headache right now that I don't really feel up to searching for it. So I'm making my best guess that it was a list of 5 quirks.

So here goes:

1. I always look right first when crossing the street. This is a habit I picked up in London and Belfast that I just haven't brought myself to break. Luckily I haven't been killed yet.

2. I HATE nuts in otherwise delicious food such as cookies, brownies, and breads. I used to say that I hate nuts altogether but I recently discovered that I really enjoy cashews. This makes me wonder what other nuts I may also like. Definitely don't like almonds or walnuts, though.

3. I hate the word "gesture." I hate it in print (it is in print an awful lot) and I hate it when it is spoken out loud. I don't really know why this is, it just is. I absolutely love the word "throat." Go ahead say that one out loud. And I love saying "Train to Potevka" with a slight Russian accent.

4. I absolutely love looking at my library account to see how the things I've placed on hold are moving along--really! I try to limit the number of times I look at my account in a week but sometimes I will wake up on days that I know that I get to look and the first thing I think is 'I get to look at my library account today'. This probably solidifies me as a sad, pathetic person, but I just really don't care.

5. If I were given the choice between seeing a baseball game and going to the opera (or ballet or symphony) I really don't know which one I would choose.

I would really love to know what some of your quirks are so leave a comment or consider yourself tagged and create your own list on your blog.

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Jen said...

Loved your quirks! The word "gesture" is weird. I used to gag at the phrase "biscuits and gravy" but not so much any more. My quirks make me seem OCD so I'm not going to list them. And cashews are my favorite nut. Yum!