Rainy Day Movies

It has been unusually cool (in the 70s) and rainy here (Utah) for the past several days and it has been absolutely wonderful. I miss the rain. I once lived in Northern Ireland and it would rain there nearly once a day (no exaggeration). I had to take my umbrella with me everywhere because it was likely to rain even on nice sunny-looking days. It rained so often that I would buy a new umbrella ever 2-3 months just because of wear and tear. I miss the rain. But for the past few days I've had the rain back in my life. In addition to prompting me to take long, enjoyable walks in the rain (lasts night's walk perhaps had a bit too much rain) it has prompted the watching of some of my favorite rainy day movies (cozy little movies that induce silly grinning while I am wrapped up in a blanket with hot chocolate).

Here are a few of my favorites:

One Fine Day--one of the ultimate rainy day movies because the movie begins and ends with a rainy day and George is so absolutely charming and cute. (Plus the size of the cell phones is hilarious)

Singing in the Rain--another natural pick for the list as it too involves rain. My favorite part (apart from Gene Kelly singing in the rain) is Donald O'Connor's 'Make them Laugh' routine. Love it!

The Mirror Has Two Faces--I love this love story and the opera music at the end gets me every time.

Crossing Delancey--lovely story set in lovely New York City. I haven't seen this one for years and years but it has been on my mind all week.

Return to Me--Every time I see this one (which admittedly is a lot cause I love me a good sappy love story) it makes me want to go out an find a family-run Irish-Italian restaurant that serves ravioli and cabbage on the same plate.

So what are some of your picks?


Jen said...

I love you picks, some of my favorites too. I love Serendipity. It has nothing to do with rain. It just seems like one of those movies that goes well with staying in on one of those days with hot chocolate and a blanket.
I love the weather too and hope it stays for a while.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I've seen three of the five--and I love them. I'll have to try the other two.

The new sense and sensibility--very rainy and foggy and lovely.

Natalie said...

I haven't seen One fine day in forever but I love that show! :) Good picks!

Jenny said...

rainy here, too.
I'm hoping my garden won't rot.
"First Knight"
You must add this movie to your list. Battles, courage, passion, Sean Connery, Richard Gere...
[dreamy sigh...]

Denise said...

Good picks. Every time it rains I crave watching the movie "one fine day"! I love that movie.

goddessdivine said...

Oh I like some of the suggestions here. Serendipity is cute. And First Knight is a classic. And hello! There's some great rainy scenes.

Yankee Girl said...

I love Serendipity as well Jen and STM I agree with your sense and sensibility pick. I'm going to have to go out and get First Knight because I'm not sure if I've seen it all the way through.