Aprilynne Pike

I've just spent the last hour listening to author Aprilynne Pike speak about her experiences as an author. You remember I told you to go read her book Wings right? Well I now even more highly recommend that you go and pick up her book. She is funny, smart, well spoken, and an all-around really nice person. How do I know that she is an all-around really nice person? Because I watched her interact for about an hour with some really, really awkward teenagers who quite possibly believe that they are vampires or faeries or that they do possess magical powers (or at least aren't afraid of acting out the possibility of having and using said powers in public) and she didn't once roll her eyes or make any sort of a disparaging remarks or motions. I rolled my eyes and sighed loudly several times just watching/listening to these teens (not that all of them were awkward I spoke to at least 3 who definitely fit in the realm of normal). I guess I am not an all-around nice person.

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