Happy Monday!!!

I'm not actually really feeling the Happy Monday vibe, but I am trying the mind over matter bit and trying to have a good attitude.

Mostly though I am wishing that I owned this cookbook:

I've tried a couple of burger recipes (his basic burger has revolutionized my basic burger making--simple things like salt, pepper, and a brushing of canola oil--and a milkshake and I am very happy with all results. Very Yummy.


Jen said...

Way to have positive mental attitude. Mondays are sometimes hard. But a good burger can fix anything. Loving the chips on the burger idea. Yum. This looks like it would be a good one!

Jenny said...

I'm waving a cheery good-bye to Monday. I think I'd like a copy of that cookbook, too. I totally copied your apron envy, by the way, and bought me a beauty.
I think you should get some advertising perks.

Yankee Girl said...

Jenny--I'm glad you picked up one of those aprons! I loved them all.