The First Monday

It is the first Monday of the year and somehow I feel that I should be very productive (not yet worn down) today.

Sadly I've been plagued by the theme song from The Smurfs and do not feel I have been very productive.

(Were did that song come from? Not who wrote it, but how on Earth did that song get into my mind?)

The song has me thinking, though, about all those wonderful cartoons that I grew up with: Rainbow Brite, The Care Bears, He-Man, She-Ra, GI-Joe. Those were good times.

Perhaps this post will get it all out of my sytem and let me get on with the business of putting the finishing touches on my New Year's resolutions. With a little focus and a bit of luck I just might manage to get them up tomorrow.


Jenny said...

There's always the first Tuesday.
(Or Wednesday)

Jen said...

Oh I used to love He-Man and She-Ra! Tom and I would play it all the time! And the Smurfs were definitely up there! Good times! Remember our movie afternoons during the summer watching a movie on the Disney Channel? Fun, fun!
I made resolutions this year because of you. You inspire me every year. I can't wait to read yours!