I'm on Twitter

I know what you are thinking: She doesn't even do Facebook right (only get on once a week) how can she go and sign up for Twitter?

You are right, except that Twitter has Tracy Morgan, the British Monarch, and Anderson Cooper and I've just always (since sometime last year) wanted to follow them on Twitter.

What can I promise you if you should decide to follow me on Twitter? Not much. I promise 1 Tweet a day--I think I can do that. Maybe someday in the future I will really pick it up (don't start holding your breath now though), but for now I just want to know what Stephen Colbert is saying.

Anyway, should you want to follow me (and I can't say that I know why you would) you can find me, and my one tweet,


Janssen said...

Welcome to the great abyss.

Matthew said...

You are so with it. I don't even quite know what Twitter is. By the way, I laughed out loud when you mentioned Stephen Colbert because Matt loves his show. loves it.

Matthew said...

oh this is your cousin Rachel... signed in under Matt. confusing

Yankee Girl said...

Rachel--I was so confused for just a minute. I love Stephen Colbert as well.