Skirt Love

I got this skirt for Christmas:

I Love it.

It is the perfect length, a great color, and has a really nice fit.

It has snaps at the back to control the amount of leg that you want to show off that, as an added benefit, prevent me from taking stairs two at a time or taking long ungainly steps--too bad it doesn't prevent slouching as well.

I'm considering wearing it everyday this week.

And it is on sale

Wish they were selling those legs along with it.


Jen said...

So cute! And please... you have legs to die for. I'll trade you any day!

Science Teacher Mommy said...


They never sell the legs, do they?

Janssen said...

I have a similar one that I bought at Old Navy a year or two ago for $2. I wore it at least twice a week or so until I started librarianing at which point all the sitting in a chair front of children on the floor made it less of an ideal. Now it only gets worn once or twice a month. But still. I love it!

Jenny said...

I'm feelin' the love.
Not only do you acquire a great skirt, but you share the source!

Yankee Girl said...

Jen: Excuse me ms. marathon runner you have great legs.

Janssen: 2 dollars!!!

Jen said...

I'm willing to try any genera of books. I really like the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Children of the Promise series, and the Great and Terrible series. So pretty much anything. As long as there's somewhat of a happy ending. I'm not a dreamer in real life so books and movies are my escape. Does that help?

Jen said...

Oh and my legs don't look like marathon legs. They're more my brownie, cookie and chip storage place. Someday...

Jen said...

Thanks for the list! I can't wait to get started!