The Last Olympic Post

(well, maybe)

What I have loved:

The Speed Skating (the long track version). I have a special love for the sports that don't get judged and this one is my favorite. Wish they would have aired more (maybe more Speed Skating and less Curling?).

Who I have loved:

This time around it goes not to an athlete but to an "announcer:" Stephen Colbert. Too bad NBC had him on the Late Night show because he was hilarious (and smart) and should have gotten some prime time airing. Maybe in 2012.

Who I expect to see perform during the closing ceremonies:

Micheal Buble and Barenaked Ladies--I will be very disappointed in you Canada if you don't deliver.

What I am looking forward to after the Vancouver Olympics end (besides London 2012):

Sleep--especially sleep at a normal hour.


Kirk C. said...

I thought BNL broke up.

Jenny said...

Curling is funny.
I'm always glad the Olympics are over as well--the pressure to support my country's athletes over the course of the games becomes a LOT when added to the regular stuff of life (considering we don't sit on the couch at night to watch TV at ALL during most of the rest of the year)
I give you the GOLD for being willing to provide service at a moment's notice, when thrust suddenly upon you in an email...

Jen said...

I am in agreement over the events that aren't judged just timed. Oh, and over the normal bedtime! It's killing me during the day!