Recommend a Foreign film

On Jenny's fine recommendation I watched "The Pope's Toilet" over the weekend. It was a fantastic film and on finishing it I felt as if I had just made a little trip down to Uruguay. I find that this feeling of having traveled after watching a foreign film is one of the reasons I love watching foreign movies--that and the emphasis on things like plot, dialogue, etc (not that I don't like our big blockbusters with their special effects and big stars). Anyway, upon completion of the movie I wanted to run down to my local library and pick up a few more titles--except I didn't because it was midnight and because I wasn't sure what to pick up. So, what should I pick up? What are your favorite foreign films?

And if you are interested, here is the trailer for "The Pope's Toilet."


Jen said...

I wish I had some good films to recommend, but alas, I do not. But the Pope's toilet looks interesting. Would my local library have it?

Jenny said...

I'm glad you liked it!
I miss my college days and the International Cinema...
Try this one:

Yankee Girl said...

Jen--not sure. my library just got it (and my library tends to have a better media section than most libraries). but you can request they buy it if they don't have it.

Jenny--heading to my library tonight to pick this one up. thanks.

Michelle said...

one of my favorites is "Babette's Feast" -- also Ingmar Bergman's "The Magic Flute"
(sorr abt lack of punctuation, etc - i'm typing one-handed) :)

Yankee Girl said...

Michelle--I'm pretty sure that someone has recommended Babette's Feast to me before so I really do need to check that one out--as well as The Magic Flute. Thanks!