Reporting Day: January

Fear not! I will not be reporting on every single resolution every single month (partially because there are some that I haven't even looked at and partially to spare you the pain).

So January wasn't really a great month for my resolutions (too cold!) but I did have some good forward movement on a few:

4. Drink 5 cups of water daily--I know that it is supposed to be more than that but I am a water drinker so I'm just trying to be realistic--and so far it is working out for me. I could be doing better (I'm not really sure how much water I am drinking) but I am drinking water more regularly throughout the day.

10. Complete Young Women Personal Progress. Check off 2 (Divine Nature, and Knowledge)

15. Compile a collection (40) of tried and true recipes (1/2 of which will be vegetarian). I have gotten a really good start but I need more vegetarian recipes.

19. Wake up, shower, get dressed at 7:30 every Sunday--I have the dreaded 1pm worship time on Sundays this year and I know if I don't get up Sunday mornings will just be a waste--worked so nicely this last Sunday that I'm thinking of not dreading the 1pm time slot. I was soooo very good at this until the last 2 weeks. I do love doing this and have really started enjoying my Sunday's more.

22. Read 1 poem a day (love, love, love doing this). I think I missed 5 days in January (forgot to take any with me on vacay) so there is some room for improvement.

28. Bake fresh bread weekly. I rock at this. So for I have made Challah, tortillas,
French bread, Lion House Rolls, bread sticks, cornbread, and soft wrap bread. (notice the trend in websites there). Tonight I am making pizza dough for tomorrow. Really love this resolution.

So there you go. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel like I am at least moving forward (and reporting here definitely helps that).


Jenny said...

I like your bread resolution.
And wow! 7:30 when you don't have to be to church until 1?
That's insane, I mean impressive.

Jen said...

I love all your recipe ideas. If only I would get off my tush and make them. I did a report too. But only because I'm copying you and trying to report and progress.

Natalie said...

I like to hear your reports. It's a good reminder for me. I love being up and ready for church no matter what time we have church. With kids it makes it so much more peaceful. We even aim to leave for church 30 min. early (this usually ends up being only 20 min. because it takes at least 10 to herd the kids into the car) Of course, my hubby plays the organ and I have my primary duties, but I really enjoy this. It make me so much more likely to be prepared to catch some peace and inspiration while wrestling three kids during sacrament meeting.

PS-I still want to get together-these last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Email me :)

Janssen said...

I definitely need to try more bread recipes. I'm kind of a bread wimp and I always think it'll take too much time.

Don't you LOVE My Kitchen Cafe?

Jillian said...

Great job on your resolutions! Especially getting up and ready for the day on Sundays. I also have the dreaded 1 PM church time, and I need to work on getting ready early.