Raising Them Up In The Way That They Should Go

We are an Olympic watching family. I dare say that I have watched every single Olympics since I was born--and watched a good deal of those Olympics. Some of my earliest memories even revolve around watching the Olympics. This is a happy tradition that we are now passing on to the next generation of my family. And here is a little bit of proof--not that you needed or asked for any (we are watching Ski Jumping):

And here are the girls "watching" some Figure Skating (please note the dramatic finish by the brunette and her instance on applause):

Mormon Athletes

This raises that political question of which is more important religion or nationality (where do your true loyalties lie) in a couple of instances, but just in case any of my Mormon readers are interested here are the Mormon Olympians competing in Vancouver.

David Bissett - Bobsled - Canada

Torah Bright - Snowboard - Australia (carried the Australian flag in the Opening Ceremonies--which were so beyond beautiful!)

Erik Fisher - Alpine Skiing - USA

Chris Fogt - Bobsled - USA

Christian Niccum - Luge - USA

Steve Nyman - Alpine Skiing - USA

Noelle Pikus-Pace - Skeleton - USA (cheer extra loud for my friend from the Singles Ward days!)

Shauna Rohbock - Bobsled - USA

Utah Athletes

A full third of US Olympians were born in Utah or now call Utah home so should you have a basis for my home state you have lots of home boys and girls to cheer for (4 of the 6 US medals have these ties).


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You always get me excited about the Olympics! I agree, it's so fun to watch and my kids love it too! Thanks for posting all the good info too. I'd never know it otherwise.