Man-Candy Monday: My Five

Cause sometimes you just need a little something more to get you through a Monday.

For any of you who are wondering how to blog well, may I suggest a visit to my friend
Nemesis' site. One of my favorite label's that she uses is Men I Love which she often also refers to as Man Candy. So as a way to pay homage to her genius, I present to you my own Man Candy.

In the manner of
Friends I am open to having 5 men on my freebie list (that I wouldn't actually sleep with given the chance, until of course one of them comes to his senses, drops the perfectly beautiful girl that they are with, and after dropping to one knee marries me. But until then I can still think nice things about them), but can only think of 4 for now so I'll have to keep you updated on that elusive no. 5. Now without any further ado:

Viggo Mortensen but only when he is Aragon and is dripping wet.

Derek Jeter had to make the list both for his good looks and his overall stand-up guyness.

Iaon Gruffudd really do I have to explain why? I hope Nemesis will forgive me for trespassing on her list of future husbands, but really I think I might have seen him first.

Eddie Cahill who was actually on Friends, but I didn't fancy him at all until he cut his hair and was allowed to take on his natural New York accent in his role on CSI: NY. In fact, I've got to say that I do think that at least half of his attractiveness stems from his very nice accent and his funny comments on the show. The pic doesn't really do him justice but I couldn't really find one that did. I guess you'll just have to go watch the show.

Any ideas on a no. 5?


Nemesis said...

Dude. I'm not giving you any ideas. But I do appreciate your list!

cranat said...

I know who would be on my list, so they are off limits. But I have to say I have a thing for Wentworth Miller, pics here...


and as we discussed the other day, Bob of course!! :)

Denise Hollinger said...

I remember that friends episode:) I have a list in my head!! I think we have different taste, I don't know who many of your guys are! I guess it is a good thing I don't live closer and am not trying to set you up :) Love ya, fun blog.

Yankee Girl said...

Nem--so unfair.

Cranat--nice pic of Wentworth, but I think I'll let you keep that one. I had completely forgotten about Bob. I'll have to think on adding him as my no. 5. Only prob is that he doesn't fit the whole talk, dark, and handsome thing I seem to have going.

Denise--I want to see that list.

Anonymous said...

What about Hugh Jackman? He's pretty far up on my list...

Anonymous said...

Maybe David Boreanaz could be your number 5...He's really good looking on Bones.