Hurrah for Wednesdays

I'm so very happy it is Wednesday. Wednesdays are good days. Wednesdays, while not as good as say Saturday or Friday or even Thursday (little Friday), are great because they mean the week is half over. If I wait to celebrate Wednesday until after work it is even better because then the work week is more than half over. Wednesdays are very empowering as they always make me believe that the worst is behind me and that I can make a couple of more days until the freedom of the weekend. Another great reason for loving Wednesdays is that is my favorite night for television watching. It starts off with Pushing Daisies and finishes up with my favorite piece of man candy on CSI: NY. I was just over on Wikipedia looking up the word Wednesday with high hopes of giving you some fascinating little tidbit about this wonderful day, but apparently beloved as it is it is not very interesting. Wikipedia did, though, inform me that it is a very popular tradition in the United States to wear a sweater vest on Wednesdays leading to Wednesdays being called Vestday--popular tradition? I've never heard of that. I really must find a more reliable source for quick information.

In a non-Wednesday related thought, we didn't get snow. Now when we do finally have snow I will probably curse it, but right now I'd kind of like a bit of snow--if for no other reason than that I would really like to wear my
so cute boots. When I said that my preparedness was going to stave off the snow, I wasn't really serious.

And finally, for those of you who dying to know: I'm up to 9 cups of water a day and it really hasn't been very hard to drink that much. I feel all sorts of healthy, my kidneys are all flushed out, and I am very justified for smugly looking down on all of you soda drinkers--for shame. For those of you who were wondering, I'm already more than halfway through my bathroom book Bridget Jones's Diary.

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