So, I haven't anything really interesting to post about, but I thought I should at least attempt to put a post up as there probably won't be many more posts this Thanksgiving week (not that there were many last week).

The last few days I have been trying to be really good about my water intake. I did a search on CNN about how much water I should be drinking everyday and they provided a couple of different theories. One of the theories was called the replacement theory and it basically states that just to replace the water that is used by your body each day a female adult should be drinking 9 cups of water (adult males should be drinking 13 cups). This, I understand, takes into account that about 20% of the food that we intake is made of water. Now up until recently, I was lucky to get in 2 cups of water (or water related substance) a day. Not very good. So, like I said, I have been trying to be good--or at least better--about my water intake. So far I have only reached a high of 7 glasses of water in a single day. The most noticeable benefit is that my skin actually does look lots better and I'm not using as much lip balm. The most noticeable downside is all my extra bathroom time. I could possibly turn this into another high if I obtain a good bathroom read.

I've titled my post randomness and so let's now randomly continue. Last night I dreamed that I was married to Prince William.

Now if you were paying attention to my man-candy post you will have noticed that Prince William doesn't at all fit into my tall, dark, and handsome scheme. Sure he is tall and a bit handsome (if a bit young), but he doesn't have the dark thing going on at all. So where did my little dream about him come from? Last night before going to bed I watched a PBS show about Windsor castle. The show was actually mostly about Prince Philip so I suppose I should be happy that I didn't dream I was married to Prince Philip instead.

Although, all those medal are pretty cool looking. The funny part of the dream was that in the dream I had convinced William to convert, which would be tricky since I believe he is in line to be the leader of the Church of England, commit to changing diapers, making beds, and doing laundry--I guess to make us more normal. But the thing is, if I marry royalty it would seem that not having to make my bed and do laundry would be one of the reasons behind the marriage in the first place. I mean really, if I want to be all normal I'll marry someone normal; if I don't ever want to clean another bathroom I'll marry royalty. We also had two sons named Aiden and Patrick--I'm pretty sure choosing Irish names would not go over very well in the British public. So pretty much I destroyed British royalty in my dream last night by ruining their church leadership, getting rid of all the royal perks, and naming my children after the Irish. I'm not really sure where all this hostility toward the British is coming from since I really do like them and their chocolate a lot. All I can really say to the Brits is that I'm sure you'll agree with me that Kate is a much better option than me.

Oh, I need another bathroom break.

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