New Career Option

A brand new career path opened up for me yesterday when I took my seat for the first time as an official time keeper at a high school girl's basketball game (I was also in charge of the buzzer--the buzzer which is primarily used to buzz the officials to point out something that they have missed or don't know. I can practically hear the envy of some of you at having not just the opportunity but the responsibility of buzzing referees). I was a little nervous, at first, that I would start the clock at the wrong time or forget to stop the clock at the right time (both mistakes I made, but not badly) but as time went I on and I began to get used to pushing the buttons, I really started to enjoy it. Now the reason I say this may be a new career option is that I actually get paid more to push a button at basketball games than I get to supervise college courses--see this is what I have been talking about, public education is so screwed up.

Now, for a semi-related question, How does one go about telling a guy that his fly is open? It is immediately awkward to point out because it immediately becomes apparent to the person with their fly open that you were looking at that section of their body. One of the refs last night had his fly open (the only reason I noticed it is that he walked up to the desk I was sitting at and stood there for a while and his fly just happened to be at my eye level--seriously people!) and I didn't know what to do. In the end I did nothing, but did feel guilty about it. After halftime, though, the fly was up so I felt a bit better.


Denise Hollinger said...

That sounds like fun!! I can not believe you get paid more for that than supervising classes! I am thinking of keeping Tess in private school at least through kindergarten! Here there can be 35 kids to one teacher in kindergarten!! Tess deserves more one on one attention. Her school she is in now has a max of 15 kids for each teacher. Crazy!!! I wish I could have been at the game, we could have cheered for you when you pushed the buzzer or stopped the time :) Everybody would be so confused at what we were clapping and yelling at!!

About the fly being down....I would have done what you did. If you know them a little or just walking by and probably won't see them again, I would give them a signal or a nod to let them know. The ref could have been really embarrassed the entire game if you told him. I don't know if there are proper manners for that!?!?

cranat said...

Ha ha ha! I wouldn't have told him just because I am mean spirited like that. :) Thats awesome that you enjoyed being the "buzzer girl" so much at the game and that you got paid for it! I think you should tell people that you are a "professional keeper of time and statistics" when they ask you. It sounds good anyway. :)

Yankee Girl said...

So we are agreed ignoring the situation is the best thing to do when a man's fly is down (I don't know what that says about us ethically).

professional keeper of time and statistics does sound pretty good.