Too Early for Chocolate?

I know there is a definite idea around when it is appropriate to drink alcohol and when it is too early, but I am wondering if there are similar restrictions concerning chocolate (or candy in general). I've been at work for an entire hour now (since 7am) and have a small stash, in this case, of Reece's Pieces (I left the good British chocolate that I recently got in the mail home in anticipation of soon being completely recovered from the flu and being able to enjoy said British chocolate fully) and I just can't decide if it is too early to start digging in. There is a large part of me that keeps saying: yes, it is too early; chocolate is not a breakfast food; and I have recently brushed my teeth and should let the effects of the toothpaste sink in a little more before taking specific steps to destroy my teeth. But then there is a small part of me that says: chocolate (and by default candy) is actually one of the main food groups and therefore can and should be eaten as opportunity arises despite time of day. What say you?


cranat said...

Never too early for chocolate. never.

Denise Hollinger said...

Eat it!!! You deserve it! I think it is too early for my kids to eat candy...but not me :)

Yankee Girl said...

I decided to hold of until 10am as a good compromise between chocolate is not a breakfast food and it is never too early to eat chocolate.