English Teachers

I recently overheard a few of my students talking about some teachers at the particular Second Ed. institution I am employed by. One of them was complaining about a particular teacher with the basic complaints that this teacher requires students to figure out how the teacher thinks and mimic it. In a nutshell, the student was complaining because the teacher doesn't teach (the student actually defined teaching as teaching a student how to think not teaching the student the "correct" answer to bubble in on a test). One of the other students tried to stand up for this teacher by saying that the teacher was a great teacher because he/she taught the student that books like Jane Eyre are truly horrible books, but if you skip the book and go right to the Cliff notes the story is actually pretty good. AHGGGGG!!!! I don't even know what else to say. The first student summed up his argument by saying that the problem with unions is that they protect the incompetent. I've got to say that I'm beginning to agree with him because this kind of teaching is just so incredibly wrong.

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