Concert Tickets

So about 4 months ago I won a 6 month membership to the Brad Paisley fan club. Now, I'm not a huge country fan, but a free membership is free so I took it--besides if I were to like country I would definitely like Brad Paisley since so many of his songs are funny and charming. So now Brad is coming in concert and my sister and I took advantage of my free membership and bought special VIP tickets before tickets even went on sale to the rest of you suckers. Which means I am now going to my 2nd country concert--which is a lot since, like I already said, I don't like country music a whole lot. Since I like lists, I thought this would be a good time to give you my incredibly extensive list of concerts I have attended. Please feel free to let me know what concerts you have attended in your life--especially your first.

1. New Kids on the Block (My very first concert--I was like 15; Classic)
2. Tommy Page (Another Classic)
3. James Taylor (A true classic--this is where I learned to identify the smell of marijuana)
4. Barenaked Ladies (Best concert ever)
5. Creed (Who can argue with Scott Stapp in leather pants)
6. Martina McBride (But I only attended half the concert--got in free)
7. LeAnn Rimes (I was surprised at how much I liked this concert--also free)

There it is. My extensive lists of concerts I have attended. It really is a sad sort of short list, but I still have time to make it better.

Also, don't forget to check out my sad, sad snowman in the post below.


cranat said...

I can't believe you got to go to New Kids on the block. I vividly remember being in tears in my kitchen because my parents wouldn't let me go... granted I was pretty young.

Yankee Girl said...

I was very lucky to have a mom who not only purchase tickets for me (and several of my sisters) but also attended the concert with us--not one of her concert highlights I think.

Denise Hollinger said...

I remember mom brought huge earphones and listened to her own music or a book during the concert. I bet they just partially blocked out all the teenage girls screaming :) That was my first concert, such bragging rights!!

Call me dumb but where is the snowman picture?

Yankee Girl said...

I'm working on the snowman pic, but have had some problems getting it up.

Jillian said...

Ummm .. I thought Martina McBride and LeAnn Rimes were both country singers ... so wouldn't that make the Brad Paisley concert your third country concert? Maybe one of those ladies made the switch and I'm not aware of it.

I went to the New Kids on the Block, Barenaked Ladies (where I almost froze my butt off!) and Creed (where it was toasty warm right up next to the stage!) with you. Such fun memories.

Yankee Girl said...

Ummm, I only went to half of the Martina concert so at most it is 2 1/2 country concerts. And I think LeAnn Rimes was attempting a crossover at her last concert cause there were a lot of Rock or Rock sounding songs--even a tribute to Janis Joplin. So I stand by Paisley being my 2nd country concert. Thanks for finally commenting, though.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Hee. . . hee. . . you haven't lived until you've been in a mosh pit at a Midnight Oil concert. I love concerts, but my opportunities are few and far between these days. U2 was incredible. I've also been to Sting, Oingo Boingo (showing my age here; it is remarkable how cheap these were), but I love country concerts too--Reba puts on an incredible show. I've seen Colin Raye about three times because he used to play really inexpensive venues. My new must- get-to-his-concert guy is Keith Urban. I had tickets for SLC last fall, but then we moved to Oregon and gave them to my parents. I think they didn't appreciate his rock and roll style posing as a country singer.

Yankee Girl said...

STM--my dream concert right now is U2.