Let's face it, most of you are probably not going to get a Christmas card from me. This isn't because I don't have the desire to send you a Christmas card, because I do have the desire. It is just that sometimes desire and action are just not compatible (you can call if lazy if you want or even a personal failing on my part, but I prefer to think of it in happier terms that tend not to place the blame entirely on my shoulders)--plus I don't even know some of you. So in the spirit of making that attempt to "send" Christmas cards, I present you, my internet friends and family, with a Christmas card...errr a Holiday card (in the spirit of the kind of political correctness that I can live with because I fully recognize that some of you will be celebrating Hanukah, Kwanza, or perhaps nothing at and what you celebrate neither destroys or detracts from my celebrations or the goodwill I have toward each of you.) Plus my sister says that until I get married I am not an adult (even though I am now 32) and not required to do adult things like send Christmas cards.

Happy Holidays
With Much Love,
Yankee Girl

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