Gold Medal Evening

Did you catch the so-called Prime-time coverage on NBC last night? One of the best groupings of events so far I think. We had a little volleyball (with my crush), a little beach volleyball, a little swimming (with lots of excellent finishes), and to cap of the evening we had some excellent women's gymnastics (even if the judges were giving the underage Chinese gymnasts unbelievable scores). So congratulations to our wonderful athletes:

I didn't actually mean for this post to turn into a bit of man candy but what can you do when you are talking about the US men's swimming team. Now I'm off to repent of all my bad thoughts aimed at trying to get the Chinese women to fall last night.


Jen said...

I just want to know; now that the question of age has been raised, why wasn't anything done about it before last night's competition? It certainly was a good night to watch. My kids were all screaming for the swimmers!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I have to admit I was sending out my own negative mojo in the direction of Beijing about midnight last night. I think it worked: you saw that pitiful beam performance from the eleven year old Chinese girl, right? I didn't resort to voodoo, however. I'm saving THAT for the individual events.