Odds 'n Ends

There are a couple of things that I have not mentioned yet but have said I would in the past so this is going to be a quick wrap up of loose ends.

1) I finished reading
Daughter of the Forest and thoroughly loved it. Toward the end it seemed to be going somewhere I didn't like but it all worked out the way a good love should. I think it is probably time to admit that I really do like Science Fiction and Fantasy books. It is a like that I have always tried to hide in favor of putting forth a Jane Austen face before the world, but I have now decided there is nothing to be embarrassed about. If it is a well written book it is a well written book regardless of the genre and the great thing about Sci-fi and fantasy is that they will take you on a great ride (plus elves are to die for gorgeous). Jane Austen is still my favorite though.


2. The cake from the Provo Bakery was very good. I could have done with a better proportion of cake to frosting but the frosting was so good that it is hard to complain about there being so much. One good thing about there being so much frosting is that it makes the cake very sweet and rich which means I can only eat about 3 bites before I start feeling a sugar overload (and I eat a lot of sugar so this is not some amateur wimp out). As a whole, though, I liked the pasty options better than the cake.

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Allyson said...

No such think as too sweet!