Beautiful Mind

One of my fabulous sisters sent this to me and I thought I would pass it along.

Wasn't that amazing? It makes me want to do something creative this weekend--a real challenge for me.

Happy Friday


Jen said...

Holy Cow! That was awesome! So amazing that he could memorize it seeing it only once. Very cool!

FOODIE said...

I love the "Jesus" on the front of his t-shirt! Cool video...thanks!

chosha said...

There's a theory that the reason autistic savants don't connect with the rest of the world so well is because their brain lacks the filters for information that most people have, so they are taking in a much larger volume of information. It makes me wonder if all of our brains have the capacity to do those kinds of things, but just don't because we need to function in other ways. Whatever the answer, that was amazing to watch; thanks for sharing it.